We believe the words written in the Gospel of Matthew “…whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.” At the heart of the Compassion Center of Northwest Arkansas is a desire to help the hurting and less fortunate in a loving, empathetic, and dignified way. Every individual who enters our building and qualifies can access the resources listed below.

Compassion Conversation Team:

Everyone has a deep seeded desire to live a life full of peace and joy. However, in day to day living we don’t always feel that peace and joy. We all encounter trials and difficulties, and during those times of trial, we can either curl up in despair⎯or we can partner with those who will provide strength, encouragement, and hope. Our Compassion Conversation Team can be a resource of steady support so you can, prayerfully, return to living with peace and joy. Our Compassion Conversation Team advisors will listen to your story, look at your situation objectively, and offer practical, wise steps to help put you on a better and more hopeful path. Call to make an appointment on Monday or Thursday morning beginning at 9:00am (479) 717-5630.

Financial Help:

We are here for you. When you make an appointment our Compassion Team is available to you when you or your family have a financial or physical need.

When you meet with an advisor on our Compassion Team you can expect to have a conversation, in a spirit of love, that will leave you encouraged and with an action plan. Your advisor will listen to your story and provide wise counsel and support about how to best improve your current situation. It is our goal that Compassion Team members help their clients discover tools that lead to emotional, spiritual, and life growth.

Our organization can temporarily help clients improve their situation by providing assistance in order for them to focus their limited incomes on other things other than meals. Utility assistance may be provided to a client when a shut-off notice has been issued. Assistance with fuel and clothing is also available. All financial assistance is provided at the discretion of your advisor and the Compassion Team. Call to make an appointment on Monday or Thursday morning beginning at 9:00am (479) 717-5630.

Additional Resources:

The Compassion Team can provide clients with additional resources available through Cross Church Northwest Arkansas. Referrals to meet with a Cross Church NWA pastor or counselor is available if further pastoral support is needed or requested. Additionally, referrals to other local organizations providing financial, mental, physical, and emotional support are available.