WHAT WE ARE DOING TO KEEP EVERYONE SAFE?: Feed the 479 continues to monitor recommendations from the CDC and the Arkansas Department of Health and is taking additional steps to help ensure the health and safety of our staff, volunteers, and clients. All of our staff and volunteers before working in any capacity must submit to and pass an entrance screening that includes a temprature check. Any staff or volunteer who fails the screening will be sent home and asked to undertake phone screening protocols. 
A great resource for information about COVID-19 is the Arkansas Department of Health website, found at this link

HOW ARE WE CONTINUING TO SERVE OUR COMMUNITY?: At Feed The 479 we have shifted to a drive thru food distribution format that adheres to CDC recommended social distancing. With this new format a client will never need to leave their vehicle. This format limits human contact and the potential spread of the virus.

WHAT CAN YOU DO TO HELP?: There are 2 significant ways you can help us at Feed the 479.

1. Financially support feed the 479 on a monthly basis at whatever level you are comfortable with. Go to

2. Donate important goods that are in high demand like hand sanitizer, tiolet paper, nitrile gloves, etc.

As we continue to keep  our promise to serve those that are most vulnerable in our communities we want to say thank you to all of our donors, sponsors, VOLUNTEERS! and partners. We can't do this without all of you!