We believe the words written in the Gospel of Matthew “…whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.” At the heart of the Compassion Center of Northwest Arkansas is a desire to help the hurting and less fortunate in a loving, empathetic, and dignified way. 

Feed The 479 Services:

We encourage all individuals who need assistance to arrive early beginning at 4:00pm Monday and Tuesday and 9:00am on Wednesday and Thursday. This is a first come first served pantry. 

Feed The 479 Conversation Team:

Everyone has a deep seeded desire to live a life full of peace and joy. However, in day to day living we don’t always feel that peace and joy. We all encounter trials and difficulties, and during those times of trial, we can either curl up in despair⎯or we can partner with those who will provide strength, encouragement, and hope. Our Compassion Conversation Team can be a resource of steady support so you can, prayerfully, return to living with peace and joy. 

Feed the 479 Pantry & USDA:

We are excited to be a Northwest Arkansas choice pantry that offers healthy and fresh food options including, fresh produce, fresh fruit, and multiple frozen foods. The pantry is available to any individual and gives the opportunity for each person to make selections based on family preferences, medical & dietary restrictions, or living conditions. The pantry is available to be shopped by clients every 30 days. Additionally we are a USDA distributing agency and clients who qualify are eligible to recieve USDA products each month. To participate in the USDA program a client must sign up with a USDA counselor who will walk you through the process during your time with us.  

Feed The 479 Additional Resources:

The Compassion Team can on a limited basis provide clothing vouchers to supply a family in need.